The Wake review on Bathory'Zine

Today’s review is of International Experimental Black Metal band The Wake’s new EP.

The EP consists in a single 15-minute track, but it is definitely varied. Starting off with a sort of Drone intro in the style of Sunn O))), the song eventually shifts into Black Metal, with some Industrial essence beneath, somewhat like Mysticum (notably also on the programmed drums).

As the song progresses more, it spans through a wide diversity of styles, like also Doom or maybe even Folk, but it never leaves Metal behind (something other experimental bands could learn about). While there are some great riffs, some parts of the track seem a bit boring compared to the rest, although the concept is really interesting. Also, the vocal performance is very worth mentioning, for it adds multiple layers of insanity to this song, especially when combined with the elaborate bass or the repetitive parts that can be heard, like for example the outro. This EP is full of surprises and, while not the best thing out there, I would recommend giving it a listen.

I recommend this to fans of Black Metal, Avant-Garde Black Metal and Industrial Black Metal. My rating is of 8/10.


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