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The Wake - Earth's Necropolis DIGITAL ALBUM

The Wake - Earth's Necropolis DIGITAL ALBUM

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  1. Proem
  2. Isolated Illusion
  3. Lost Painting
  4. Cadavers
  5. Ship Of Hope
  6. The Painter Of Voices
  7. Earth's Necropolis
  8. Trial Against Humanity
  9. Closure
  10. Pillars Of Serpents


  • Production, mixed & mastered by Alexandru-Marian Seidiu
  • Additional lyrics for Ship Of Hope” by XXVIII
  • Cover design by Travis Smith
  • Vocals on “Ship Of Hope” by Joshua Ashworth
  • Vocals on “Earth's Necropolis” by Michael Pilat
  • Vocals on “Trial Against Humanity” by Costin Chioreanu
  • Guitar solo on “Pillars Of Serpents” by Thiago Oliveira
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