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It is rather difficult these days, isn’t it? To wade one’s way through mounds upon mounds of „extreme metal” and finally find something actually worth a listen. The Wake is another multicultural band featuring members from Romania (Protest Urban) and the Germany (Night In Gales). These guys know exactly how to make ferocious black metal and they do it quite well. The first time I listened to this album, I sat there thinking, „What am I listening to?”. Then as I kept going along, I got more and more into it. By the end I didn’t want it to stop, so I played it all over again. The second time around I was completely hooked on this album. This is just a very well done album with a pretty good production quality. But it doesn’t have that over polished sound either. It’s a nice mix and creates a good black metal feeling. What really catches my attention right off the bat is V explosive vocals. The utter sound of hatred and disgust he puts into every lyric gives these songs their almost epic feel. His vocals demand your attention! Yet, it doesn’t seem like he’s being fake or over the top, which is something all too common with a lot of black metal. You then immediately notice the hammering sound of the double-bass kick and the rest of the drum kit being beaten to hell, but not so much that it’s just convoluted and distracting. They keep a good rhythm and pace with the rest of the band. I love how these guys can go in different directions with their music at the drop of a hat. They could be playing a fucking fast riff with great blast beats, then all of a sudden, they just take a 180 degree turn and start playing some melodic riff. The guitars on this album are great. The riffs on „Earth’s Necropolis” are one of the crowned jewels on this album. They are catchy yes, indeed, a lot of the riffing on this album is quite catchy, but not too catchy. It is the perfect balance of catchy and aggressive. The harsh riffs full of hatred create an outstanding atmosphere along with the intense shrieking vocals. The guitar is more about the fast-paced melody that goes together perfectly with the vocals. The atmosphere here is tremendous. Now, that does not mean the guitars are fuzzy. This is not the same atmosphere of Burzum’s „Filosofem.” No, no, this is completely different. This atmosphere is all in the melodies. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but The Wake manage to sound both rough and old school, but at the same time it’s melodic and clean. It’s quite a unique talent they’ve got...

Clearly this album is flawless and deserves an ear by any metalhead who’s into black metal. In terms of all the grounds it covers with its innovativeness and musical design, its decades of black metal rolled into one epic package. You would be a fool to pass up listening to this album. Go pick up a copy at the Loud Rage Music link below and do treat yourself to something amazing.

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