About me

As he desires to state, FCG was born on the 5th and “prepared for facing the humanity in a small village in Bukovinaa German colony”. Currently, FCG lives near the Black Sea, in Constanţa and is the vocalist & lyricist of the GermanRomanian project The Wake, a duo aiming to draw out some of the most neglected tendencies in the extreme metal nowadays, such as the urge to invest a straightforward genre with some of the most twisted melodies. With the debut album “Earths Necropolis” released in 2017, The Wake has let the world know about the project’s existence earlier through the Legacy magazine compilation, the 99th issue launched in 2015, which featured the title-track of the aforementioned material.

Another important aspect in FCG’s musical career has to do with Romanian melodic metal band Protest Urban. With this group he released two full length albums in 2005 and 2006, which came to be the most notable local releases within the genre, forgoing a bunch of bands which will later approach the metalcore and other marks typical of the “melo” metal. The following step in the Protest Urban’s discography was the EP titled “Dont Disturb Me When I Need You”, which was written together with Romanian guitarist and visual artist Costin Chioreanu. Other names which involved FCG’s work in the forgotten past, are The Flood Speaks, Semiosis, Kendo and Deviant, and some of these might be brought to light again at any future moment. The most recent guest appearance is to be found on the latest album of the German melodic death veterans of Night In Gales, namely “The Last Sunsets”. FCG’s vocals & lyrics were required for the 11th song on this release, “In Pain, In Silence”.

Between 2005 and 2012 FCG collaborated with the German label Bastardized Recordings and has done successful promo campaigns for bands like Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Glass Casket, Since The Day and Six Reasons To Kill. He started to develop the means of promotion given the activity within his own bands and projects.

FCG is known also for running the distribution company Blood & Fire Productions since 2002, which once in a while plays the role of a label as well. Besides selling the music of a wide range of artists from the metal, progressive and experimental realms, Blood & Fire Productions features also genuine content based on short and in-depth reviews or interviews with the artists whom the owner appreciates.



  1. FCG – MusicAnalysis (2024)
  2. The Wake – Heart’s Nodal River (2024)
  3. FCG – Reinterpretations: Cluster II (2024)
  4. FCG – Reinterpretations: Cluster I (2020)
  5. The Wake – Born In 84, Died In The 84th Year (2020)
  6. The Wake – Pillars Of Serpents (2020)
  7. The Wake – Earth’s Necropolis (2017)
  8. The Wake – The Wake (2015)
  9. The Wake – Earth’s Necropolis (2015) Legacy-Sampler 06/15 Nr. 99
  10. Semiosis – P​.​F​.​D. (2011)
  11. Protest Urban – Don’t Disturb Me When I Need You (2008)
  12. Protest Urban – I Can’t Find A Question To Survive The Answer (2006)
  13. The Flood Speaks – The Flood Speaks (2006)
  14. Kendo – Kendo (2006)
  15. Protest Urban – The Only Problem In This Case Is The Solution (2005)
  16. Protest Urban – Schimbare (2004)
  17. Machine Gun Kelly – Live (2002)

Guest appearances

  1. Night In Gales – “In Pain, In Silence” (2018)
  2. Mihnea – “Simptome naţionale” (2013)
  3. Breathelast – “Weapons” (2011)