"Reinterpretations: Cluster I"

a) Safe From Harm (Featuring Otis Sandsjö & Thiago Oliveira) Massive Attack
b) Unexpected Breathing Space (Act I) (Featuring Christian Lillinger)
c) The Bottom Line (Featuring Otis Sandsjö & Thiago Oliveira) Depeche Mode
d) Unexpected Breathing Space (Act II) (Featuring Christian Lillinger)
e) Good Evening, Baby! (Featuring Otis Sandsjö & Thiago Oliveira) Loredana Groza
f) Bătrânesca (Featuring Carl Orr) Ciprian Porumbescu

"Reinterpretations: Cluster II"

g) Outside My Door (Featuring Thiago Oliveira) Can
h) Unexpected Breathing Space (Act III) (Featuring Kenneth Schalk)
i) Madhouse (Featuring Thiago Oliveira) Eloy
j) Unexpected Breathing Space (Act IV) (Featuring Kenneth Schalk)
k) Lyceum Years (Featuring Thiago Oliveira & Sebastian Burneci) Stela Enache
l) Unexpected Breathing Space (Featuring Christian Lillinger, Kenneth Schalk & Nicolas Simion)

Executive Producer – Florian Cotan-Grigorean

Production, Mixed & Mastered By Alexandru-Marian Seidiu

a), c), e), g), i), & k)
All Guitars, Bass, Synths And Programming By Thiago Chaves de Andrade Oliveira
All Arrangements By Thiago Chaves de Andrade Oliveira

b), d), h), j) & l)
Additional Production By Silviu Badea

a), c), e), g), i) & k)
Vocals By Florian Cotan-Grigorean
Tracked By Andrei Spătaru

Official Logo & Additional Design By Travis Smith
Drawings, Layout & Additional Design By Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu
Photography By Marian Adochiței

Analysis Tetralogy

Actors: Nicodim Ungureanu, Lana Moscaliuc & Remus Archip
Idea and realization Florian Cotan-Grigorean in collaboration with Răzvan Răduță

  • Good Evening, Baby!
  • Bătrâneasca
  • Lyceum Years
  • Unexpected Breathing Space

“Analysis Tetralogy” follows love and old age, adolescence and creativity.

One More Analysis

a) Welcome To The End
b) Faustian Bargains (Featuring Warrel Dane & Thiago Oliveira)
b) Zâna Dunării (Featuring Thiago Oliveira) Ciprian Porumbescu
d) Black Sea (Featuring Thiago Oliveira) Nicolas Simion
f) Suicide Is Painless (Featuring Thiago Oliveira) Manic Street Preachers

Executive Producer – Florian Cotan-Grigorean

Production, Mixed & Mastered By Alexandru-Marian Seidiu

All Guitars, Bass, Synths And Programming By Thiago Chaves de Andrade Oliveira
All Arrangements By Thiago Chaves de Andrade Oliveira

Vocals By Florian Cotan-Grigorean
Tracked By Andrei Spătaru

Official Logo By Travis Smith
Painting By Ștefan Potop